Find a great selection of eBooks and Audiobooks for adults and kids HERE!

Things to know:

Each brand of e-reader is different. Sometimes versions of the same brand are different. Make sure you’re downloading the right kind of file format for your device.

You can set a personalized default lending period for titles, format-by-format, by setting the preferences in your account. Or you can select a lending period on a title-by-title basis. Options vary from 7-14 days.

You can check out up to 5 e-books or digital audiobooks at a time. When an item expires, it will be automatically returned and will no longer be viewable on your computer or e-reader. (You may need to manually delete the e-book from your computer or device after it has expired.)

Just like physical books, libraries own a limited number of copies of any given e-book. If all copies of the e-book you’re searching for have been checked out, you can place a hold on it.

Where can I download e-books?

You can download e-books wherever you can access the Internet. You can use your home computer or your device if it is wi-fi enabled. You can also use one of the computers available for patrons in the Library.

Getting Started:

  • Click on the Sunflower eLibrary link on the Tonganoxie Public Library website.
  • Enter your NExpress Library Card Number.
  • Enter your last name. The first letter must be capitalized.
  • Start your search!

Supported E-readers:

The Sunflower eLibrary collection offers titles in Adobe PDF, Adobe EPUB, and Kindle formats. If you have a Kindle device, look for titles that are in the Kindle format. If you’re using a tablet or smart with a Kindle app, look for titles in the Kindle format. All other e-readers and tablets use the Epub format (an exception is the Kindle Fire, which can also use Epub format if the Overdrive Media Console app has been downloaded to the device).

The following devices work with our e-book collection:

  • Amazon Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire
  • Barnes & Noble Nook and Tablets
  • Kobo
  • Sony Reader
  • iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
  • Pandigital Novel and tablets
  • Other Android based tablets

If you have an e-reader or device not listed above, see the list of all compatible devices on the Sunflower eLibrary website.

Checking out e-books for Kindle e-readers:

The Sunflower eLibrary offers Kindle versions of many of its e-books. These e-books work on both the Kindle e-reader and on any mobile device or computer through the Kindle app. You will be asked to sign into your Amazon account as part of the process of downloading an e-book.

Here’s how:

  • Visit our e-books collection at Sunflower eLibrary. Sign in to your account by entering your NExpress Library card number and last name (you must capitalize the first letter of your last name).
  • Browse or search for an e-book.
  • Click the Get for Kindle button. This opens the website. You will be required to sign in with your account if you are not already signed in.
  • Click the Get library book button. You’ll be able to choose which Kindle device (or device with the Kindle app) you want to deliver your library book to. Note: Your device must be registered with your Amazon account.
  • Connect your device to the computer and sync, or sync wirelessly if your Kindle is wi-fi enabled. For the Kindle Fire, the sync option can be found by clicking settings.
  • To return a Kindle e-book early, log in to your Amazon account, go to the Manage My Kindle page, and choose action Return this book.

Checking Out E-books for a Nook, Sony, Kobo or Other Non-Kindle E-reader:

In order to read the Library e-books on a Nook, Sony, Kobo, or other e-reader, you must download and install the third party software program Adobe Digital Editions on the computer you will be using with your e-reader. Note: if you have a Sony Reader you can download e-books directly to your device from Sunflower eLibrary you don’t need to install any software as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Here’s how:

  • Download and install the free Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software on your computer or your wifi enabled device. Find the software on the Sunflower eLibrary homepage under Getting Started. You will have to do this for each computer you want to use to download e-books.
  • Create a free Adobe ID and authorize your computer or wi-fi enabled e-reader. When the Setup Assistant appears, click get an Adobe ID online. You only need one account, you can sign in from any computer or wi-fi enabled e-reader that has the software installed.
  • Once you have the software, you can check out books.
  • Go to the Sunflower eLibrary catalog and sign in with your NExpress Library card number and last name (you must capitalize the first letter of your last name).
  • Then Search or browse for an e-book. (Tip: Use Advanced Search and search by e-book format. You can also choose to only show titles with available copies.)
  • Once you’ve found a book, click Add to cart, then from your Cart, click Proceed to Checkout.
  • Click Confirm check out and click the Download button under each e-book.
  • If you’re using a wi-fi enabled e-reader, ADE will open on your device.
  • If you’re using your computer, select Open with: Adobe Digital Editions in the pop-up window that appears. Connect your e-reader to your computer. In the ADE screen, drag the e-book icon to your e-reader. In some e-readers, you will need to look for a file that contains the book. Disconnect your e-reader safely.
  • The e-book will return automatically after the checkout period.
  • To return an e-book early, click the drop-down menu on the book cover icon in Adobe Digital Editions and choose Return Borrowed Item.

Checking Out E-books for iPhone, iPad, and Android Mobile Devices and Tablets:

You can use the Library’s e-books on popular mobile devices and tablets such as the Apple iPhone and iPad, and devices and tablets using the Android operating system (such as the Google Nexus 7 and Pandigital tablets). Computer syncing is not required; e-books can be delivered directly to your device through either the free Overdrive Media Console app or the Kindle app.

Which app should you use?

If you want to use the Kindle app, you have to choose the Kindle version of the book when you place the title in your cart for checkout (see Kindle instructions above if using the Kindle app). If you choose the ePub version of the book, you will need the Overdrive Media Console app. To use the Overdrive app, you need have an account with Adobe Digital Editions.

Here’s how to use the Overdrive Media Console app:

  • Search your device’s app store for the Overdrive Media Console app and install it on your device, it’s free.
  • Tap Get Books, then Add Library and search for the Sunflower eLibrary in Kansas. Tap Tonganoxie Public Library. Tap the star icon to add it to your favorites.
  • Launch the catalog. Login with your NExpress Library card number and last name (you must capitalize the first letter of your last name).
  • Search or browse the catalog for an e-book,  it must be in Epub format since you’re using the Overdrive app. Check the Available Now box to find titles that are currently checked in.
  • Tap Add to cart and Proceed to checkout.
  • Tap Confirm check out.
  • Tap download.
  • If your device is not associated with an Adobe Digital Editions account, a box will pop up. If you have an Adobe Digital Editions ID, tap Settings. Sign in and tap Authorize.
  • If you don’t have an Adobe Digital Editions ID, tap Get ID and create an ID. After successfully creating an Adobe Digital Editions ID, you must tap settings (left button in Adobe Digital editions pop up box), log in with the new Adobe Digital Editions ID, and authorize the device. Then go back to Sunflower eLibrary and tap download again.
  • Note: if you have problems, try creating an Adobe Digital Editions ID on a personal computer, either at home or at the library. After successfully creating an the ID, go back to your device, then tap settings (left button in Adobe Digital editions pop up box), log in with the new Adobe Digital Editions ID, and authorize the device.
  • To find the book you downloaded, open the Overdrive app on your device and tap the cover art.


Due to the nature of technology and the publishing industry, the world of e-books and e-readers is always changing. If you have a problem, try the Help section at Sunflower eLibrary to see if there is a solution. Or call us (913-845-3281), email us (, or just stop by the library with your questions. You can also ask for an appointment with a librarian.