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Drawing 101 for Adults

October 5th,12th and 19th:  6-8PM @ the library

Register Here:    Phone: 913.845.3502

drawing handAn introduction to drawing in perspective, utilizing the background, middle ground and foreground to create the illusion of three dimensional space. Drawing shapes with mass will be taught using key art concepts, pencil techniques and blending tools. Students will draw from life, by using themselves and their peers to create unique self-portraits. A fun and interactive series to discover and develop your drawing skills. Taught by University of Kansas Art-Education student, Brianna Guinn. 3 Classes for $30:  Contact the Recreation Commission to register.    Phone: 913.845.3502

Part-Time Office Manager Position

Customer Service is first at Tonganoxie Public. We are reorganizing our super talented staff and utilizing the skills and initiative of the staff members to the library’s advantage. This means we need one person to work 15-20 hours a week as book keeper, purchasing agent, accounts receivable and payable. Extensive experience with Quick Books and Excel required. Some cross-training of other positions will be expected. Morning shift 9AM-12PM Monday-Friday. Starts at $12 per hour.

Job Description:
Office Manager
Primarily uses Quick Books to track library accounts, oversees purchasing of basic supplies for the library, tracks accounts payable and receivable, keeps spread sheets of daily deposits and monthly transactions, generates reports monthly and as needed, tracks and deposits donations and completes small projects as assigned. Cross training for some basic circulation duties will be required. Candidate will work primarily in the library office from 9AM-12PM Monday-Friday. Attendance at 1-2 monthly evening meetings is required.

Detail of Duties:

Balances cash register
Prepares daily deposits
Takes deposits to bank as necessary
Observes cash register for needed change (coins and bills)
Enters information from deposits in xl spreadsheet, reference income, and quick books
Opens mail and distributes
Codes invoices and enter in xl spreadsheet
Enters debits in xl spreadsheet and Quick Books
Prepares invoices for approval
Prepares checks for signatures
Prepares vendor checks for mailing
Provides Director with utility statements to pay online
Copies and distributes pay checks to employees
Enters check numbers in xl spreadsheet
Files accounts payable information, payroll information
Files other monthly forms for retention
Assists Director in retrieving information for auditors
Takes needed action on past due items:
Contacting patron by email then phone call
Prepares and sends past due letters
Prepares and submits materials replacement forms
Tracks registrations and deposits funds for the Annual Library Run

Tracks and deposits donations for the Foundation, the Friends of the Library and the Capital Improvement Fund

Please submit application, resume with cover letter and 3 professional references to

Library Director

Tonganoxie Public Library

303 S Bury Street

Tonganoxie, KS 66086